One and a One Half Hour Passed Hors d’ourves

Select Eight

Mini Lobster Rolls

Seared Scallops- Tomato Bacon Jam

Poke – Mexican, Indian, Hawaiian

Lobster Bisque Shooters

Forty North BBQ Oysters

Shrimp Tempura – Vietnamese Dipping Sauce

Coconut Lobster – Chili Lime Sauce

Maui Shrimp Spring Rolls – Sweet Soy and Chili Lime Sauce

Curried Deviled Egg

Vegetable Samosa- Tzatziki Sauce

Hummus Crudité Martinis

Jersey Corn Esquite Cups

Pot Stickers – Edamame

Thai Sesame Noodle in Chinese Take Out Containers

Vietnamese Spring Rolls- Coconut Curry Sauce

Mason Jar- Mac & Cheese

Mason Jar- Barrata Roasted Tomato, Basil Aged Balsamic

Vegan Kale Dumplings

Chick Pea Pastry Stars

Cherry Blossom Tarts

Vietnamese Tofu Crostini

Ricotta, Meyer Lemon and Agave Drizzle Crostini – (vegan with tofu ricotta)

Sweet Pea Hummus Crostini

Empanadas- Chicken or Beef – Guacaverde & Cilantro Crème Fraiche

Duck Ravioli- Pomegranate & Caramelized Onions Crème Fraiche

Short Rib Boa Bun- with Homemade Kim Chi

Chicken Waffle- Maple Sriracha Drizzle

Thai Chicken Meatball

Chicken Flautas – Cilantro Crème Fraiche

Mini Turkey Bon Mi

Wild Mushroom Meatballs

Mini Sausage & Pepper

Tequila Chicken Burritos

Pork Taquitos

Duck & Dark Cherry, Montrachet Crostini

Pork Belly Skewer – Dark Cherry Glaze

Additional Gluten Free Selections:

Chicken Tikka Masala

Chorizo Stuffed Dates Wrapped in Applewood bacon

Sage Turkey Tenderloin Wrapped in Applewood bacon

Savory Stations

Two Hour Open Stations

Select Four

Sushi Bar*

Traditional & Specialty Rolls, White Ginger, Wasabi, Seaweed Salad

*100 person minimum

Raw Bar

Clams, Oysters, Jonas Crab, Shrimp

Lemon, Watermelon Margarita Mignonette, Bloody Mary Cocktail Sauce, Sriracha Aioli

Poke Station

Mexican, Jersey Watermelon, Heirloom Tofu, Coastal Indian, Hawaiian

Noodle Bar Station

Cold Sesame Noodles, Pad Thai, Happy Family Fried Rice, Shrimp Spring Rolls,

Edamame Dumplings, Pork Dumplings, Mini Spare Ribs

Add Attended Stir Fry to Station

Farm Market Artisan Mediterranean Station

Herbed Olives, Local Cheeses and Cured Meats, Gambas al Ajillo – Shrimp and Garlic, Turmeric Roasted

Vegetables, Watercress and Dried Fruit Salad, Hummus, Tzatziki, Eggplant Dip with Toasted Pita,

Lemon Potatoes

Guacamole Cart

All the fresh ingredients at an attended station

Taco Station

Corn and Flour Tortillas, Shredded Chicken and Beef, Jack Cheese, Shredded Lettuce, Salsa, Cilantro

Crème Fraiche and Fresh Lime

Pizza Station

Margarita, Pepperoni & Jalapeno, Grilled Vegetable and Cheddar, BBQ Chicken

Meatball Bar

Wagyu Beef, Asian Turkey, Moroccan Lamb, Vegetarian

Red Sauce, White Sauce, Marsala Sauce, Pesto, Tzatziki

Kids Station

Mini Franks, Mac & Cheese, Chicken Fingers, Mini Pretzels

Cookies and Chocolate Milk

Dessert Stations

Select Two

Purple Glaze Doughnut Station

Locally made doughnuts served with organic milk and almond milk

Cookies & Milk Shake Station

Oatmeal & Chocolate Shake, Coconut Vanilla Banana Shake

Chocolate Chip Strawberry

Seasonal Dessert Station

Lemon Posset, Chocolate Mousse, Shortbreads, Seasonal Tarts

Assorted Chocolate Truffles

Churros and Mexican Hot Chocolate Station

Small Sweets Dessert Bar

Cheese Cake Lollipops, Brownies, French Macaroons

Mini Cupcakes, Fruit and Berries

Ice Cream Bar

Assortment of Local Ice Cream – Pick Three

Strawberry, Vanilla, Chocolate, Pistachio, Coconut, Chai

Whipped Cream, Candy and Chocolate Syrup

Gluten Free Selections Available